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Staff and friends at the ribbon cutting


The roots of our restaurant can be traced back to one core idea: authenticity.

Taqueria El Sol differentiates itself from the competition with its adamant focus on quality and tradition. You won't find our meats and dishes in more commonplace Tex-Mex restaurants. We offer an experience.


Meals are made in-house with fresh ingredients; this, combined with our expansive offering of salsas and hot, handmade tortillas take our Mexican cuisine to the next level.


With heart and soul poured into every dish, you'll taste the difference.

Taste Through Generations

This culinary story begins with two chefs: Facundo and Maribel. They both garnered a passion for food in their childhood.


Maribel learned cooking and baking from her mother at an early age, using fresh ingredients from the family farm. Facundo would find his passion cooking for friends and family in his teenage years; he especially enjoyed sharing his rice and carnitas with loved ones.

These high school sweethearts would come together and form a duo whose prowess in Mexican cuisine would go unmatched.

Home made tortillas
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